Wedding Henna in Medan, Indonesia

In May 2013, after my Australian trip I had the opportunity to visit Indonesia for the first time.

Another Punjabi wedding but it was different, the settings, decorations, venue, people, food and accommodation. It was fantastic!

The bride had sent a driver to get me from the airport and as i reached at the Le Meridian Hotel, I had dinner and I was escorted by 2 wonderful Indonesian ladies to take care of me for the day.

The next day was truly beautiful, about 45 minuted drive from the hotel to Green Hill. where the brides ‘Mehndi  Rasm’ would take place. An open bar concept with stalls of Punjabi and Indonesian food.

After the event was done I was as happy as the bride, family members loved her design, her in-laws were happy. I also had the opportunity to go around after the appointment till my flight the next day.

I would love to have another destination event to go for..

Click here to view henna in Medan



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