The Benefits of HennaThe safest hair color in the world

For centuries, henna has been used to safely color the hair and the body. When creating our natural henna paste, we wanted to use this traditional ingredient and take it one step further. First, we take the finest henna and blend it with deeply conditioning fair trade with tea and yogurt. 

Of course our henna powder has no mixture. We believe that organic has to be by itself and individually people can add natural ingredients as they like. 

Traditional Hair Dye vs Henna

Commercial hair dyes contain a mix of chemicals that work to penetrate the hair’s cuticle to change the color of your hair. And although you might get the desired color you’re looking for, these chemicals can cause the layer of protective cells on your cuticle to become disjointed, making it difficult for sebum to travel down and hydrate the ends of your hair leaving it dry and brittle.

The chemicals in commercial dyes can also sometimes cause a mild reaction in some people, which can put you at an increased risk for a more severe reaction in the future. If you experience any irritation at all, it’s wise to simply avoid synthetic dyes altogether.

Henna is a safe, all-natural alternative. It works by simply staining the outside of each individual hair and acts like a protective layer on your cuticle. The color won’t wash out, but it will gradually fade over a period of one to six months.

The Benefits of Henna

As well as adding a gorgeous color to your locks, Nakreze Mehndi henna hair dyes also work as a deep conditioning treatment thanks to all organic henna and adding amla oil would just make a perfect blend for healthy hair. 

We then add a blend of other ingredients like clove bud oil for its stimulating effect on the scalp. You can add fresh organic lemon juice to add shine to the hair and reduce brassy orange tones, while ground coffee can be used to help improve the shade and glossiness of brunette hair.

How to mix henna for hair using Nakreze Mehndi Rajasthani henna powder 

  • 100 grams henna powder 
  • Boiled tea leaves and kept to cool down room temperature 
  • Amla hair oil 
  • Yogurt (optional) 

It’s easy to mix henna for hair but we must understand that henna for hair needs additional herbs to have or maintain healthy hair. Henna powder for hair usually contains amla and other verbs in the powder. 

Nakreze Mehndi maintains a pure henna powder with no added herbs or chemicals and ammonia. Therefore, when mixing for hair we must add oils to keep the hair moisturised. 

Alternatives to amla hair oil, one can use almond hair oil or pure almond oil, coconut oil, or extra virgin coconut oil. 

  1. Boil about 2 or 3 teaspoon of tea leaves and keep to cool down. Do not add hot water in powder, heat will ruin the stain quality. 
  2. Add the tea into henna powder in a bowl with 30ml to 50ml amla hair oil. Oil can be added to meet your personal need. 
  3. Keep the paste airtight or wrap the bow in with cling wrap and leave it for 8 to 12 hours or overnight. 
  4. Apply into your hair the next day. If you have dry hair or hair fall problems, add yogurt right before application about 2 tablespoons and apply. 
  5. For a very strong stain leave on hair for 6 hours. 
  6. Henna on hair can be left for min 1 hour. 
  7. Wash your hair and apply hair oil of your preference to maintain the moisture of your hair. Don’t use menthol based shampoos if you have dry hair.

Henna for hair can be applied once every month. Nakreze Mehndi powder gives black hair a burgundy- ish color that may not seem too obvious. 

If you have any questions, please comment and I will reply. 


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