Destination Wedding Sabah

Few months ago I had been approached by my previous client checking if I was able to do henna in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for her cousin.

Turned out I was available and the bride which was so easy to deal with had checked with me and immediately booked my flight and made reservations for me.

I had arrived early morning with the driver waiting for me outside and it took almost 45 minutes to reach Shangrila Rasaria Resort, Kota Kinabalu. The view on the way was absolutely stunning!

Having arrived I had plenty of time to myself and prepared my henna paste for the event the same day.

The view of the beach was breathtaking with the wedding decorations by the beach and buffet. As I waited for the bride patiently with coconut juice and happily enjoying the view.

Priscilla, the bride was absolutely great to work with. She wanted her henna intricate and floral all the way just like her flower dress!

Took me approximately 3 hours to finish and all I did after was indulge in all kinds of food for the evening as it surely was a hot day by the beach and surprisingly turned out beautifully windy in the evening.


Priscilla’s bridal henna..

Insta video …


I wanted to do nothing after having a great evening but take a nice cold bath, lay in my bed with a bowl of mix fruits and ‘mithai’ and watched Tammy.

Surely is good experience for me to travel and work and able to deliver to a wide range of events in Malaysia. As my journey continues next year in Germany… Till than I shall be enjoying my honeymoon in December!


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