With Singaporean Henna Artist – SyraSkins 

SyraSkins Henna Me Rich Gathering and Workshop 2017

Below are pictures from the workshop and clips from my insta story! 

SyraSkins is an established henna artist from Singapore and before I started doing henna professionally I had already been following her work. 

I loved her honesty in her business and designs. How do I know? All I can say is an artists work is a reflection of him or her. Her originality is also one of the reasons I love her work. 

She had finally announced her Henna Me Rich Gathering and Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I was so eager to be apart of such an exiting workshop. She and her sister shared a very personal perspective of their journey.. which quite reminded me of mine.. the struggles and the family support. 


We got to learn so much. I discovered that even I am a professional artist, I could not do a constructive mandala. It took so much practise. It’s alright as wel all keep learning. 

I loved her product and teaching skills. As an artist I appreciated her knowledge in sharing. I would definitely go for another gathering of hers . It’s already so good to meet people that love the same passion as you. 


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