Bridal Henna in Kiel, Germany

Few month ago during winter I had received an email from this wonderful girl and she inquired on henna. I was super exited. I always get exited with henna anyways.. but this time it was more important because this could be my first bridal henna appointment in Hamburg.

I had to go back to Malaysia for a few months and Adwoa, my client waited so patiently for me to return to meet up for a trial. I was so glad. Finally we met during Summer at Hamburg Central Station and she was pretty clear with what she wanted, Raja Rani, peacock, Ganesh and her husbands name hidden…. oh and a mandala!

Meeting up with future clients is always good, that way we know who we’re working with, clients requirements in detail and they also would be comfortable with us when they put their whole faith in getting their bridal henna done.

So, I traveled to Kiel, its a wonderful place to be at in the first place. I came all prepared and I made sure she had the best henna for her wedding, fresh henna mixed a day before and  went all prepared. Took my time designing and I was satisfied with my work. I believe if as an artist if you are not satisfied, you can’t expect your client to be.

Adwoa kept in touch and sent me her after henna stain results!! I must say I was so exited to see it.

I am always grateful to my clients for trusting me and that is why I blog, so that I can always look back at those wonderful henna experience.

I wish Adwoa a happy married life ahead !


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