Henna Practice

Henna practice is just important for any artist trying to keep up with the quality of work or trying to improve. Regardless the reason practice is simply crucial.

It really helps when you look at what is trending in the henna world and get inspired.

Grab an acrylic sheet and make a few natural henna cones and get drawing !

One of the most important thing is Henna art is to express. Draw what’s in your heart and be prepared. Wake up early morning and by the time you’re done with Henna you still have perfect lighting to take pictures and do justice for your art.

So if you are a beginner try and do simple designs such as dots, swirls, circles, lines and teardrops followed by flowers and vines. This will help you with cone control and learn to understand consistency. Once this step is good you are free to explore your levels in henna art.

If you feel you need help, you may contact me via email nakrezemehndi@gmail.com

And I can help you by providing the courses available that you can choose from.


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