Henna Conference Malaysia 2017/2018

Henna Conference 2017 was brought together by 5 henna artist in Malaysia. Each of these individuals are self trained artist that came together for the same objectives:

  • create awareness of natural henna
  • importance of sharing and supporting local artist
  • to share henna knowledge among young henna bloomers

The five speakers were:

We also had 2 very helpful facilitators:

  • Sharen Kaur – Mehndi by Sharen
  • Noorulain Raja , Nakreze Mehndi’s sister and assistant

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Topics discussed during the conference ranged from henna for beginners to advance henna, henna mixing, cone making, benefits, after care, henna and climates, henna craft and icing, difference of chemical and natural henna and side effects.

Henna conference Malaysia 2017 has been a huge success and we are all having another conference in November, 2018. We had amazing sponsors from:

During the event, we had 11 candidates and each one was given materials hand prepared by each artist including a goodie bag, a note book, 3 meals a day,  the conference book which had a combination of each artist notes and tips.

Certificate upon completion was given as well to all candidates.

Henna Conference November, 2018

We will be conducting our second conference this year and you may visit us on Instagram: Henna Conference Malaysia for more updates.

For international candidates, accommodation can be arranged as well as pick up services from hotel to Conference location. We will supply you a list of hotels that are closer and affordable.

If you would like to join us, please email us at hennaconferencemalaysia@gmail.com


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