Henna supplies 2018

Nakreze Mehndi Supplies effective 2018 has been upgraded in many perspective to ensure better quality and better deliver services.

Refer to picture below to view price list:

The list above is an updated list effective 2018. Apart from this, among the other types of supplies are as below:

  1. Acrylic hands in white and transparent – RM50 each
  2. Acrylic feet in white only – RM50 each
  3. Acrylic sheets A4 in white and transparent- RM20 each (sold out)

How to order:

We get orders through Instagram, Facebook, Facebook page, emails and text msg. We try to ensure all clients receive a reply regardless.

  • Send us a msg on what supplies you need
  • A list of product list including postage cost will be forwarded (including picture above) will be forwarded to you.
  • List to us products you wish to order and when you need to receive item
  • Bank in total amount
  • Parcel will be sent on Mondays and Thursdays ( we parcel on other days as well for urgent orders only)
  • Tracking codes will be provided.

What are provided with these items?

Henna cones and henna powder cones with additional after care tips and mixing instructions.

If I need to make a future order, can I place an order now?

Depends on the product. For henna cones, orders need to be made at least 3 days in advance. As we mix fresh upon orders every week.

What is the use of henna balm and spray sealant?

Stay sealant is basically sugar sealant used to spray on henna after designed to keep henna on longer and long lasting stains. Henna balm is used to prevent henna stains from water preserving the stain longer. It’s very suitable for brides with many rituals involving water after henna is applied or for brides that want to keep stain longer even when on their honeymoon.

I live out station, can I order my cones toward the weekends?

No, as postage services take 3 working days, we don’t want Henna to be left out on the weekends leaving Henna perishable before it reaches you. Make sure to confirm your order so we can parcel it on Mondays.

Is self pick-up availability?

Yes. Communicate with the artist on when and what time.

Is cash on deliver available?

Sorry, no.

Can we order just the paste and rebrand to personal branding?

No. We only sell Nakreze Mehndi cones and powder. You may buy our powder and mix it on your own. We believe in supporting each other. Not taking advantage.

For more information or if you have any questions lease comment below.


Delay in postage or postage errors caused by post office will not be the artist responsibility, hence NO REFUNDS.



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