How to book Nakreze Mehndi – simple guide 2018

Hello Malaysian future brides! You are probably here because you want to know how to go about booking a henna artist or particularly, my henna or makeup services. (Yup, I’ve just started makeup and free trials are available too)

It’s simple. If you’ve herd of me or have seen my work than that makes it all very easy. It means you trust my work and I am very grateful about it. Since I got married and moved to Germany many are under the impression I’ve stopped doing henna completely! No not really, NO!

I still do henna in Malaysia and I’ve taken bookings soon as I know the exact dates I’m back in Malaysia and I’ve also continued doing henna in Germany as well actually. So if my availability is a concern, please get in touch with me personally. I have no problems answering all your questions because end of the day I still love doing henna and my clients have the right to be extra sure for their big day!

Getting to the point!

  1. Send an email, Dm on Instagram or Facebook or WhatsApp me. I’m reachable and I get back to my clients within 24 hours.
  2. Send me your details such as date of event, location, henna length preference etc.
  3. I will provide a quotation based on details provided and speaking on the phone is not a problem for those who prefer calling than texting. If you’re overseas, just use WhatsApp!
  4. By now you pretty much have all the details including booking details, so your confirmation is all there is needed.
  5. Once I receive a deposit and additional details a receipt will be emailed to you as our final and formal confirmation.
  6. Follow ups!

What about designs?

  • Clients are most welcome to send picture samples
  • If you are very particular, please specify in point form of what you require
  • If you don’t care, leave it to the expert!

Are henna used natural and are of good quality?

  • Yes. We have been using Rajasthani henna, the finest henna powder suppliers globally and we mix fresh henna paste for each client.
  • Free trails are available at artist residence
  • We charge if you want me to come to your location for trials.

Additional henna services available?

  • Yes. Please discuss with the artist on your special requirements.

Email the artist at

WhatsApp : ‭+49 157 78177129‬

Picture by RavStudio


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