Why Getting Your Henna Done Professionally Is Important and How to go about it.

So many of you might be getting married in few months time or perhaps next year and you are already thinking of the wedding dress, caterers, makeup and so much more!

While making your list, maybe, just maybe some of you that have henna ceremonies as part of your wedding (and this applies to almost every kind of wedding be it Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Turkish, Iranian, etc) you might want to also consider the henna artist you are about to book.

Henna session is just as important as your dress and makeup. It’s what your wearing on you during your big day and not to mention, your henna are one of the things that last you almost a month! It’s what you’ll be showing off on your honeymoon as well.

So let’s just put this in point form so it’s easy to read alright..

  • Google the artist or view their sites where all their work may be uploaded. Seeing their history of work and recent post gives you assurance that the artist work is updated.
  • You know what to expect from the artist. Every artist design and style is unique.
  • Speak to the artist so you know whom you’re dealing with. You wouldn’t want to be dealing with a rude, weird or an artist you are not comfortable with.
  • Consider the materials used. Is it natural or chemical? Is it home made or bought?
  • How many hours does the artist take to do design? This is so important because many of us have henna sessions followed up with another ceremony so you don’t want to be running late because you didn’t know the artist takes that long.
  • Ask the artist what they may need during the henna session. It’s important the artist and you are both comfortable during henna. It is by far the most tiring process.
  • Consider the cost and compare their prices with their work quality, material, and service.
  • Don’t ask for a bargain because another artist may charge less. Again consider their work, the materials used and their services to you. Quality comes with a price.
  • Finally, follow up with each other. Make sure what that’s been discussed have been finalised in black and white via email and any changes shall be notified.


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