Destination Weddings

Weddings are so much fun specially if they are in a whole new place. Have a look at Nakreze Mehndi’s work and her stories.

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Destination Wedding Phuket – My henna experience as a henna artist

The past few years I was called to Medan, Indonesia and Singapore twice for bridal henna. This year, I was booked for a destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand.

The bride, Kashmin Kaur form New Zealand have had one of her sibling Reema to organize with me online. I was delighted to know the bride was down in Malaysia and wanted to meet up for coffee for a simple trial.

We met at the The Curve, Damansara and it turned out great knowing the bride , her design preferences and most importantly , we knew who we were working with. I was humbled that the bride saw my work and trusted me with it to freehand my design as i always do.

So, I arrived in Phuket with my sister (junior artist) on the morning and we had plenty of time to walk around get some fresh air , and watch the beach view from where the ‘Maiyaan’ was taking place at the resort.

As the bride was ready , the wedding planner, Angela from Australia showed me a separate little hall facing the beach where the mehndi was going to take place. I could not be more happy with the decorations, cool room and fantastic view . What a refreshing way to start my henna!

Kashmin weds Navin – A Destination Wedding


I travel across Malaysia and abroad , for those interested please visit or email your query to

Designed by Nakreze Mehnd
Designed by Nakreze Mehnd

During my experience in Phuket, I met Angela, the wedding planner from Australia. What a pleasant lady and she was absolutely great. It was a pleasure knowing her.

For those who wish to get a wedding planner for their destination wedding, please contact Angela :


Tel: 1800 SAY IDO (1800 729 436)

International Tel: +613 9188 3463


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