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Eye liner and Mascara is what i always would never leave the house without. Love the thick flicked liner and thick mascara because a good eye look could just complement a no makeup, makeup look.

Ever since I started college that was my go to and slowly discovered makeup little by little but coming from Malaysia, we didn’t always have that much variety in cosmetics in the early 2000. No NARS, Inglot came slightly later so did Sephora! Hence, less options and being exposed the wide range we see on TV and the web just made me wonder how I could get my hands on it.

Being young and part-time employed at the time you get pretty creative. Mixing lip colors, using one palette almost every second day brought me to realize how much I love makeup. My sister has a passion for makeup too and I must say how much she has inspired me in the beginning.

Being a professional henna artist, I contributed much of my time with the henna business, but since 2016, I took the step. Blogging on Insta (nakrezebeauty) as my platform to improve and grow and share my ideas and swatches, a journey to be a MAKEUP ARTIST.

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