Henna Conference Malaysia 2017/2018

Henna Conference 2017 was brought together by 5 henna artist in Malaysia. Each of these individuals are self trained artist that came together for the same objectives: create awareness of natural henna importance of sharing and supporting local artist to share henna knowledge among young henna bloomers The five speakers were: Qurathulan Nawabi - Nakreze … Continue reading Henna Conference Malaysia 2017/2018



HENNA COURSES As i would be making a trip to England for few months this year, I would be conducting private henna sessions in few areas. If you are not from Bradford or Manchester, please email me at nakrezemehndi@gmail.com to check on the fee. The Beginners and Advance classes are held once a week for 4 … Continue reading HENNA COURSES IN BRADFORD, MANCHESTER & etc

5 Makeup Trends We’re Dying Over For 2018

The approaching New Year stirs up all sorts of feels. The pressure to have Instagram post-worthy plans for New Year’s Eve, a sense of nostalgia for another year past, and likely the most cliché of them all, having to answer the inevitably asked question: What’s your New Year’s resolution? In an effort to level-set expectations … Continue reading 5 Makeup Trends We’re Dying Over For 2018