Mary Kay Review

Few years ago, I was recommended by a client to try out Mary Kay products. I did but i did not get the prefect tone for my skin. Since it was my sisters skin tone, so she took it and it looked absolutely flawless.  I love trying our new products to see what suits best … Continue reading Mary Kay Review


White Henna in Aumühle, Hamburg 

About few month before Francesca's wedding she had contacted me for a trial. It was a rather wonderful meet up, she knew exactly what she wanted and had discussed designs as well. The wedding was a month after the trial all the way in Aumühle, Hamburg. A lovely country side location about 20 min from the … Continue reading White Henna in Aumühle, Hamburg 

Henna Artist in Hamburg, Germany 

If you're looking for a henna artist in Hamburg, get in touch with Leena (real name Qurathulan). A henna artist for 5 years from Malaysia now settled in Hamburg, with experience doing henna for events, bridal henna and henna parties travelling to Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Sojat City, Rajasthan henna powder essential oils sugar water … Continue reading Henna Artist in Hamburg, Germany 

With Singaporean Henna Artist – SyraSkins 

SyraSkins Henna Me Rich Gathering and Workshop 2017 Below are pictures from the workshop and clips from my insta story!  SyraSkins is an established henna artist from Singapore and before I started doing henna professionally I had already been following her work.  I loved her honesty in her business and designs. How do I know? … Continue reading With Singaporean Henna Artist – SyraSkins