11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business – Stephanie St.Claire – Medium

My name is Stephanie St.Claire, and I’m an unfunded entrepreneur. I’ve been in business for seven years. To get here, I engaged in my own personal and tenuous renaissance (uh… divorce) and… — Read on medium.com/@StephStClaire/11-things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-my-business-3dc264023df5


Art Classes in Selangor

We live in a world where everyone is chasing dreams and ambitions. In the mids of all that, we tend to forget to take some time for ourselves, regardless of age everyone should indulge in art therapy to experience their inner artist just once in a while. Art Class Details 1) Water Color classes for … Continue reading Art Classes in Selangor

Cambodia Destination Wedding ~ A Punjabi Gujarati Reunion

This year had brought much more than what I had expected. We had the opportunity to provide not just bridal henna services but also makeup services and henna services for all the guests as well. We flew in to Phnom Penh, Cambodia for 5 days and was provided accommodation at Sokha Hotel. We had a … Continue reading Cambodia Destination Wedding ~ A Punjabi Gujarati Reunion

Nakreze Beauty Lashes

WELCOME TO NAKREZE BEAUTY LASHES - WE'RE GLAD YOU'RE HERE!Nakreze Beauty Lashes was founded in 2018 with one clear mission - to create high quality, cruelty-free lashes fit for all eye shapes. We  strive to be the leaders in false eyelashes around the globe by providing innovative, on trend, never before seen products that  empower our customers worldwide Our products … Continue reading Nakreze Beauty Lashes

Why Getting Your Henna Done Professionally Is Important and How to go about it.

So many of you might be getting married in few months time or perhaps next year and you are already thinking of the wedding dress, caterers, makeup and so much more! While making your list, maybe, just maybe some of you that have henna ceremonies as part of your wedding (and this applies to almost … Continue reading Why Getting Your Henna Done Professionally Is Important and How to go about it.